All transactions come in the safest way. Recharge your credit directly from the vendor or via credit card.


It allows you to interact via smartphone with any kind of products / services vending machine, using the device as an “old ” electronic key.

Easy to use

Just bring your smartphone to an enabled distributor, choose the drink or snack , and buy it. Three simple steps that will save you time.


All transactions are processed in the most secure and traceable way .
Recharge credit coins directly from the distributor or through credit cards.

Do everything with your smartphone

VEMOSO allows you to interact through your smartphone with any kind of  products / services vending machine .  
Use your device as 
an “Old” electronic key recharging your credit directly from the distributor or through credit cards . 


You can also advertise on the users’ social profiles during the
disbursement , offered free of charge , of any product available

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